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Clearwater Scrubs and St. Petersburg Medical Scrubs in FL

We carry large inventory of QUALITY scrubs at prices you’d pay for inferior scrubs at convenient store location.

All our Clearwater Scrubs come from maevn and Healing Hands.

Along with Clearwater Scrubs, we also stock Stethoscopes, blood pressure kits, bandage scissors etc.

Clearwater Scrubs St. Petersburg Scrubs

Scrubs are a set of garment, having a shirt and a pair of trousers that are worn by medical practitioners while scrubbing into the operation theater. In most cases, these garments are more like gowns that shield the body from dirt and are designed to give the maximum comfort. St. Petersburg Scrubs are now used by all hospitals, medical specialty centers and nursing homes by all members of staff, considering the hygiene measures. These scrubs are made of light, easy to clean fabric.

Affinity Home Medical Equipment has a wide range of medical scrubs at its showrooms. We believe in offering the superior quality at affordable rates. All our Scrubs are made of skin-friendly, non-irritating fabric. We sell medical scrubs of renowned brands like Maevn and Healing Hands.

Having a huge client database, we supply medical scrubs to all reputable hospitals in Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg in Florida. We have more reliable services than any other Clearwater and St. Petersburg Scrubs supplier.